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Advantages of Ground Screw:

Ground screw prevents the shocks by providing the safe electrical path. The ground screws provide us a variety of advantages. There is less consumption of time because there is no need of digging process, there is no need of any concrete. They also needed less time because there is no need of any technical and mechanical components that are necessary or required for the digging processes. The ground screw can be installed easily in any weather due to their environment friendly nature and can be re used easily. They can easily installed on sealed surfaces .Not only for the sealed ground but also for any kind of grounds. Moreover their life time is maximum. Ground screw can be used for many purposes. It may commercially or may be domestically they are used to create a stable foundation so that construction can be easily built on it. Ground screws can be used in fencing or for large building or stores. With the ground screw we may use green hexagonal screw with it for good result. Green hexagonal cannot be removed easily so we have to be very careful of installing with the ground screw. An object that have advantages may have some of the disadvantages. As stated above the ground screw are easily installed in any type of ground but there is a limitation that occur during installation is the frozen soil.

Ground screw uses the threading material. Sometimes handheld devices are used because it does not need much of mechanical and technical equipment.


Piling contractors in Melbourne used digging process to set a building on it. The piles may be made of timber, steel and concrete .They provide foundation to transfer the load. It is used where ground water table exits. As it include digging process heavy machinery and there is need of heavy mechanical equipment and technical personnel are required. Here some are the advantages of pilling contractor:

According to the construction demand, piles can be ordered .It can be constructed according to the length x width. The construction is done rapidly. Large areas can be installed by this system. Drilling and digging is not required at all. This type of pile system is neat and clean. Concrete piles are more preferable. This technique has no noise issue.


Screw anchors are the anchor points which secure the hanging. Without this anchor, the screws are not held firmly on the dry wall and may cause scratches on the wall. These are mainly two types of screw piling contractors in Melbourne :

  1. Molly bolt anchor:

There is a pilot hole, it fixed the anchor with the help of hammer until the head of bolt fixed on the wall.

 Once it is tighten, the object is hold on the wall easily. It is applicable for light body weights.

  1. Toggle bolt anchor:

It is suitable for heavy weight objects. Two holes are made on the recommended sites, Thread the toggle at the site where it is placed. The toggle was fit on the wall on either both sides and have great grip than the molly bolt anchor.