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All About Suspended Ceiling Tiles

suspended ceiling tiles

Suspended ceiling tile are not only used to increase the beauty of a room but they also have some special qualities due to which they are popular among people. People who renovate their houses along with the application of wallpaper in sydney or fabric wall coverings consider to install suspended ceiling tiles to give a finishing look in their classy stylish room. The suspended ceiling tiles are popular due to their additional qualities like fire resistance, acoustic property and the hygiene.

Due to their quality of fire resistance, the suspended ceiling tiles are used in almost all of the commercial buildings to fulfill the requirement of avoiding fire risk factors. They are tested and certified to be the fire resistant which are able to uphold fire for 60 minutes. Suspended ceiling tiles can be the best decision to make for the renovation of any domestic place like house or commercial place like offices, markets etc. they not only look beautiful but also have many benefits as compared to other materials usually used.

Benefits of using suspended ceiling tiles:

  • As mentioned, the suspended ceiling tiles are certified fire resistant materials and touches the threshold of fire standards which are set by different councils.
  • The suspended ceiling tiles can be easily modified, whether it is for the repairing purpose or for replacing, they can be changed without hassle in no time.
  • They are easy to maintain for the ceiling itself plus for other purposes like plumbing, electric maintenance or pipe lines because it completely covers the ceiling which gives easy access.
  • They increase the beauty of the room, they are available in different colors and designs. One can choose the design and color as per the requirement of their room.

Disadvantages of suspended ceiling tiles:

  • The most obvious disadvantage of using suspended ceiling tiles is the reduced headroom. It almost tales 4-8 inches for the installation of suspended ceiling tiles. But this issues is not observed by many people, but you need to consider if your room already has less headroom.
  • The other disadvantage of installing suspended ceiling tiles is them being quite expensive as compared to other ceilings. No doubt that they are more attractive and have lots of benefits as well, but they can be expensive to get installed. And in case there is a drop ceiling, it will again be costly to get it repaired or replaced.
  • If these tiles are not properly maintained, they will show signs of aging very quickly. It one will not clean them regular, they will fade their color due to dust and smoke.

It really does not matter what you are installing in your house for its renovation, everything will need to be taken care properly, cleaned and maintained properly. There is no such thing that can last forever, but proper care can increase the life of any product.

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